Nayani Dixit: First job after 500 auditions, then Kanpur’s daughter dominated the silver screen

Report – Akhand Pratap Singh

Kanpur. Everyone is attracted to see the glamor of the film industry. But there are many challenges behind the film industry. There are many ups and downs after which an actor or actress is able to climb the ladder of success. Nayani Dixit, who made her mark in the film industry after coming out of a city like Kanpur, shared many stories related to the film industry in a special conversation with NEWS 18 LOCAL.

Nayani Dixit is a resident of Kanpur, she has done acting course and has worked in many films in Mumbai. In the film ‘Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana’, she played the role of the elder sister of the star actress. Apart from this, he has worked in many Bollywood films including many web series and many other big movies like ‘Special-26’. Nayani Dixit has been an alumnus of Kanpur University, she had studied from here, that is why she had reached Kanpur to participate in the program organized at Kanpur University.

Making a place in the industry is a challenge

Nayani Dixit told that the challenge is in every field. But getting a position in the film industry is a difficult task. He himself gave around 400 to 500 auditions. After that, he made his mark in Mayanagari and found work in the industry.

Who is the biggest enemy in the film world?

Talking further, Nayani Dixit says that the biggest enemy of the artist in the industry is depression. Due to lack of work and loneliness, artists go into depression and take fatal steps like suicide. He said that when the support of family and friends is not available then there is more tension. In such situations, artists start feeling more lonely and work is not always available in the industry. There are also many problems financially, due to which artists go into depression and take steps like suicide.

Instead of despair, be hopeful

Nayani Dixit told that if someone wants to go into the film industry, then first he should focus on his studies. Because studies are most important, after that do a course in a film institute and then try in the industry, don’t get discouraged if you don’t get work, but should always try.

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