Meena Kumari Birth Anniversary: ​​Meena Kumari had 6 names, ‘tragedy queen’ used to cry while going to the shoot

Meena Kumari Birth Anniversary: ​​Bollywood Today is the birth anniversary of the late actress Meena Kumari. She was known as the Tragedy Queen in the film industry. He had suffered a lot till the end of his life. Still she remained the great actress of Bollywood. Meena Kumari ruled the Bollywood industry for 2 decades but during this time she kept fighting with her loneliness. The position that Meena Kumari achieved in Hindi cinema is untouchable even today. Due to the tragedy of most of her films, she was given the title of Tragedy Queen of Bollywood.

Meena Kumari was born on 1 August 1933 in Mumbai. His father Ali Baks was also a Parsi theater artist and his mother was a famous theater actress and dancer, who belonged to the family of Rabindranath Tagore. As soon as he was born, Abba Ali Baksh, frightened by the scarcity of money and the burden of two daughters already, left him in a Muslim orphanage.

Meena Kumari Birth Anniversary: ​​Meena Kumari had 6 names, 'tragedy queen' used to cry while going to the shoot

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Meena Kumari became famous as ‘Tragedy Queen’ in reel life but in real life she was known by 6 names. When Meena Kumari was born, her father Alibakhsh and mother Iqbal Bano named her ‘Mahjabin’. During her childhood, Meena Kumari’s eyes were very small, so the family used to call her ‘Chinese’. This is because the eyes of Chinese people are small.

Husband Kamal Amrohi affectionately called ‘Manju’

Meena Kumari started acting in films at the age of about four. She was named ‘Baby Meena’ in the film ‘Leatherface’ made under the banner of Prakash Pictures. After this Meena worked as an actress in ‘Kids Ka Khel’. She was named Meena Kumari in this film. Apart from acting in films, Meena Kumari was also very fond of Shero-Shayari. For this she used to use the nickname ‘Naz’. Meena Kumari’s husband Kamal Amrohi used to affectionately call her ‘Manju’.

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Cult classic film ‘Pakija’ in the history of Hindi cinema.(Photo Credits: Movies N Memories/Twitter)

Mahjabeen used to cry while going on the shoot

Meena Kumari did not want to act. Mahjabeen, who started working in films at the young age of four, always cried while going on a shoot. Every time she used to request her mother and father that they should be allowed to study just like other children.

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