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Liger: Girlfriend changed Vijay Deverakonda’s thinking for love, never told anyone – I Love You Too


Aug 25, 2022
Liger: Girlfriend changed Vijay Deverakonda's thinking for love, never told anyone - I Love You Too

Telugu star Vijay Deverakonda is making his Bollywood debut with the film ‘Liger’. In this, his opposite Ananya Pandey is in the lead role. This most awaited film has been released in theaters today i.e. on August 25. In the past, its starcast was continuously busy in the promotion of the film. Meanwhile, the South actor made many revelations about his relationship. In an interview, he told why he never said I love you to anyone and why he does not believe in love. Also, because of girlfriends, how did their thinking towards love change?

According to media reports, Vijay and national crush Rashmika Mandanna are dating each other. There has been a lot of news in the media about their relationship (Vijay Deverakonda-Rashmika Mandanna Relationship), however, they have kept silence on this relationship. Meanwhile, now the actor has given his opinion about love, what he thinks about it and how his thinking has changed. Vijay told that he was afraid of the relationship because his father had called it nonsense and compared it with money. It was said that if there is money then everything is there.

Vijay said about the lessons given by his father about love and relationship (Vijay Deverakonda Affair) that his father taught him that money is everything and love is nonsense. Money is everything in this world. If you have money then you have everything, people will love you, respect you and will do anything for you. This thing sat in his mind at that time and he grew up with this thought. He had no faith in the relationship. Whenever someone told him I love you, he did not say I love you to him till today.

Regarding changing his thinking for love after the arrival of girlfriend, Vijay told that his girlfriend changed his thinking for love. After becoming an actor, he came into a relationship with a girl, although he did not name it. He was in a relationship with her for a long time. The actor realized during this time that this is not a transaction and it can be done selflessly with anyone. It took the actor a long time to understand that his father’s thinking was wrong. Vijay says that his father’s thinking is wrong, but because of his decision and the lessons taught, he also expresses his gratitude to him that because of him he is here today. Because of his learning, he has been able to achieve a good position today. He got everything he deserved but he has paid a price for it.

Vijay ended his talk and said that his relationship with his girlfriend did not last long. He lost friends, relationships, everything, which was a cost. They had no freedom to do anything. He had to concentrate on his work and goal. Actors say that ‘when you are nothing and want to become an actor, then you have to dedicate yourself to it.’

Actor’s photo with foreign girlfriends went viral
It is worth noting that in the year 2018, the photo of Vijay Deverakonda with foreign girlfriend (Vijay Deverakonda girlfriend) has also surfaced on the internet. Her name was said to be a virgin in media reports. She belongs to Belgium. She shared a good relationship with the actor and his mother Madhavi and brother Anand. In his interview, Vijay told about these, it was not clear, because during this time he did not take anyone’s name.

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