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Lady doctor set out on a cycling tour of 4 thousand km, listen carefully to women


Sep 21, 2022
Lady doctor set out on a cycling tour of 4 thousand km, listen carefully to women

Jabalpur, Wonder Woman Lady of Jabalpur Dr. Seema Agarwal Then they left. His cycle is gone. This time it is 4 thousand km. cycling tour are on. She will cover the distance from Kashmir to Kanyakumari on a bicycle. This time she has come out to give that message to the women. The journey is long and difficult but the intentions are strong.

If there is life in the spirit, then flying becomes easy. This encouragement of Jabalpur’s Ayurvedic doctor Seema Agarwal is taking her on a unique journey. Dr Seema is going to cycle from Jammu to Kanyakumari this time. She is the mother of three daughters. But age or fatigue do not overpower them. His courage has defeated everyone’s fear and laziness. This spirit of Dr. Seema Agarwal is taking her again this time on a long cycle journey.

hard journey – noble cause
Dr Seema has left for Jammu from Jabalpur. From there his cycle journey will start from September 26. Dr Seema says that she had decided to start this journey for the purpose of empowerment of women. Even today, women in the country remain imprisoned in the boundary wall of the house. Whether at home or outside, there is talk of equality of men and women. But even today women and men are not equal in the country. The power of women has always been doubted. So she is going to complete this journey alone. So that we can give a message to women that if even a single woman is determined, then everything becomes easy for her. No problem can come on his way.

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43 hundred kilometer journey by bicycle
Dr Seema Aggarwal will travel from Jammu to Kanyakumari for about 43 hundred kilometers by bicycle. During this she will cross hundreds of villages and cities. Dr Seema says that even before this she has done Narmada Parikrama and cycle journey from Jabalpur to Banaras. Therefore, he has the full experience of cycling and the difficulties faced on the way. On this occasion, women’s organizations also encouraged Dr. Seema Agarwal. Wished her all the best so that her journey is successful and women can get the message of their empowerment.

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