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Kumar Gaurav B’day Spl: Kumar Gaurav is the son of Rajendra Kumar and son-in-law of Sunil Dutt, such is the film background


Jul 12, 2022
Kumar Gaurav B'day Spl: Kumar Gaurav is the son of Rajendra Kumar and son-in-law of Sunil Dutt, such is the film background

Kumar Gaurav, who is counted among the chocolatey actors of the Bollywood industry, has turned 66 today. Kumar Gaurav is the son of Bollywood’s hit actor Rajendra Kumar. He had made a good name in the acting world in his early days, although he could not leave his mark like his father. But he has definitely given many memorable films, in which ‘Love Story’ is at the top. Apart from this, he has also worked in some other hit films.

Kumar Gaurav is the son-in-law of veteran actor Sunil Dutt. Actually, Rajendra Kumar and actor Sunil Dutt were good friends. In such a situation, Sunil Dutt married his daughter Namrata Dutt to Kumar Gaurav. Namrata Dutt and Kumar Gaurav have two daughters- Sanchi and Siya. Both his daughters are very beautiful and talented. In this way, Sanjay Dutt is the maternal uncle of Sanchi and Siya, while the beautiful actress like Nargis is the maternal grandmother.

Sanchi’s entire family background is filmy
Sanchi is married to actor Bilal Amrohi. Bilal made his Bollywood debut with the film ‘O Teri’. In this way, the entire family background of Sanchi is filmy. Sanchi looks very beautiful and looks very much like her grandmother Nargis in the look. A photo of Sanchi went viral on social media, in which everyone seeing her said that she looks like her grandmother Nargis Dutt.

Sanchi is very different from other star kids
Sanchi Kumar, who belongs to a family full of all the veterans of the film world, has a different identity. Apart from being beautiful, Sanchi is also very talented and she is a fashion designer. That is, like the rest of the star kids, he has decided not to make a career in faketing. He has a big fashion store in Mumbai. Sanchi has designed clothes for many stars including his maternal uncle Sanjay Dutt. At the same time, his younger sister Siya is also very beautiful and talented.

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