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KRK apologizes to Salman Khan, tweeted- ‘Sorry Bhaijaan for misunderstanding you’


Oct 31, 2022
KRK apologizes to Salman Khan, tweeted- 'Sorry Bhaijaan for misunderstanding you'

Mumbai: Kamal Rashid Khan i.e. KRK is often in discussion about his tweets. In his tweet, he is seen targeting many big stars, from Karan Johar to Salman Khan. Once again, a tweet by Kamal R Khan is in the news. However, this time instead of targeting anyone, he has said sorry. KRK has said sorry to Salman Khan in his tweet, but why? Let’s tell you.

Actually, KRK was arrested in the past and he believed that none other than Bollywood superstar Salman Khan was behind his arrest. However, now he says that someone else was behind his arrest, but who has not disclosed this if not Salman Khan. In another tweet, he also said that many people think that Karan Johar was behind his arrest, but this is also wrong.

In his tweet, KRK wrote- ‘I want to tell the people of the media that it is not at all what I thought. Salman Khan was not behind my arrest. I want to apologize to you for misunderstanding you brother. Not only this, if I have hurt you in any other way, then sorry for that too. I myself am deciding that from now on I will not review your films. Users have also given funny reactions on this tweet of KRK.

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Kamal R Khan’s tweet is once again in the headlines. (Photo Credits: Twitter: @kamaalrkhan)

In fact, in September, KRK returned to Mumbai from Dubai, during which the police took him into custody from the airport. There were already two cases going on KRK. Because of which he was taken straight from the airport to the jail. There were reports that an actress had made serious allegations against Kamal. After the arrest, KRK said that Salman Khan is behind all this. But, now he himself has withdrawn his charges.

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