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Kriti Sanon said with the award – ‘Whatever your surname, your dreams will definitely come true’


Sep 10, 2022
Kriti Sanon said with the award - 'Whatever your surname, your dreams will definitely come true'

Kriti Sanon (Kriti Sanon) was awarded the Best Actress Award for the film ‘Mimi’ at the Filmfare Awards Ceremony, a glimpse of which she has shown on Instagram. She has shared a video, in which she is giving a wonderful speech after receiving the award and inspiring millions of people to achieve their dreams. Kriti Sanon has received this award for her film ‘Mimi’, in which she played the role of a surrogate mother.

In the viral video, director Kabir Khan is seen conferring the Best Actress award on Kriti Sanon. After this, the actress expresses her happiness on the stage and reveals her success mantra. Giving a message to young boys and girls, she says, ‘I want to say to those girls and boys who are told that this is a big dream. Don’t dream so big, they don’t come true.

Kriti Sanon wins Filmfare Award after 8 years
She further says, ‘People say that nothing happens here without access. It doesn’t matter where you come from, who your parents are, what your surname is. It may happen that it may take you a little longer. It took me 8 years to get this award. Travel can be difficult.

Kriti Sanon told the Guru Mantra of her success
Kriti finally says, ‘Believe in yourself, keep trying. Get better with the passing time. Keep learning and I assure you that you will reach your destination. Kriti has shared this video about 3 hours ago, on which close to 4 lakh likes have come.

Along with fans, celebs expressed love
She writes in the caption, ‘She was sure she could, so she did. You can too! Don’t let anyone say that your dream is big..’ Fans as well as celebs have expressed their love for them by commenting on the video and wishing them a better tomorrow.

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