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Krishna janmashtami Song: New Bhojpuri song ‘Nand Baba Ghare Janme Kanhaiya’ has arrived on Janmashtami, watch VIDEO


Aug 19, 2022
Krishna janmashtami Song: New Bhojpuri song 'Nand Baba Ghare Janme Kanhaiya' has arrived on Janmashtami, watch VIDEO

Nand Baba was born Kanhaiya. Anu Dubey krishna janmashtami Special Geet | krishna bhajan 2022: Today, the festival of Janmashtami (Krishna Janmashtami 2022) is being celebrated with great enthusiasm across the country. Since morning, huge crowd of devotees is being seen in the temples of Sccon and Banke Bihari. People have started preparing to celebrate this festival. On this day Krishna devotees are busy in their makeup and kirtan throughout the day and in the meantime a new song of singer Anu Dubey has also been released. Bhojpuri actress and singer Anu Dubey New Song has released ‘Nand Baba Ghare Janme Kanhaiya’ on her official YouTube channel on the occasion of Janmashtami.

Since on this festival people like to listen to Krishna bhakti songs throughout the day and Anu Dubey has presented a new song on this occasion. In the video of ‘Nand Baba Ghare Janme Kanhaiya’, Anu Dubey is seen dressed like a gopi wearing a lehenga sari. In the song, a boy is in the role of Kanhaiya who is swinging in a beautiful cradle decorated with flowers and is being pampered by many herdsmen. The video is very spectacular in which all the female artists are seen dancing in the joy of Krishna’s birth. Anu has given voice to the song and she is its lead actress. Anu’s dance and expression in the video are amazing, which is quite impressive.

The background of ‘Nand Baba Ghare Janme Kanhaiya’ is also decorated like Vraj, which looks as if it is really Nand Baba’s house. Its picturization and lyrics of the song are amazing. The lyrics of this song are written by Pankaj of RR and music is by Chhotu Rawat. The song has been released on Anu’s official YouTube channel Anu Dubey Entertainment on August 16, 3 days before the festival of Janmashtami. People are very fond of the song and it is going to add to the festivity of the festival.

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