Kishore Kumar Birth Anniversary: ​​Brilliant singer Kishore Kumar should become an actor in the pursuit of becoming richer than his brother

Kishore Kumar Birth Anniversary: A multi-talented artist like Kishore Kumar has not yet been seen in the history of Indian cinema. Born on 4 August 1929, Kishore was a one man army. It is said that just decide the set and technical things, rest he will handle himself. Such qualities are rarely seen in any one person as were in adolescence. He was not only a good singer, actor, writer but also a film producer. The life of a teenager is very interesting. The more you know about him, the more you will be surprised, the singer who has a bad voice becomes a famous playback singer, it happens somewhere good, but Kishore is an example of this.

Kishore Kumar was born in Madhya Pradesh and his parents named him Abhas Kumar. When Kishore became a part of the film industry, he was named Kishore. Kishore Kumar’s voice was a gift from God. Kishor had never taken music training before joining films. Kishor’s elder brother Ashok once told the media that Kishore’s voice was like a bamboo torn in his childhood. But when Kishore Kumar started singing, he made people crazy.

Kishore Kumar used to stunned by singing without practice
Kishore, who has sung about 1500 songs in his singing journey, has given many evergreen songs. It is said that Kishore Kumar’s singing was so versatile that he used to surprise even the music directors many times with his special style. Kishor had such a fine grip on singing that he often used to get recordings done without practice and his ability was such that without any disturbances it was okay in a single take.

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Kishore Kumar had 4 marriages. (Photo Credits: Film History Pics/twitter)

Teenagers used to sing in the voices of both boys and girls
Take an idea of ​​how big a singer Kishore Kumar was, that he used to sing in the voice of the girl. In one of his famous songs ‘Ek Ladki Bheegi Bhagi Si’, Kishore gave the voice of the girl. Kishore Kumar was a great singer as well as a great actor. Mastmoula type of human being Kishore also worked in films on his own terms and got super hit. In 1946, he entered the industry with the film ‘Shikari’, in which Ashok Kumar was the lead actor.

Want to earn more money than Ashok Kumar
Kishore Kumar’s elder brother Ashok Kumar was a veteran artist of his time. Brother Ashok had come with Kishore to the film industry. Decided to compete with the same brother. It is said that Kishore Kumar was blown away that he wanted to earn more money than his brother, so he fulfilled his dream and died. Kishore is considered to be the highest paid singer-actor of his time.

Kishore Kumar did 4 marriages
Kishore Kumar’s personal life was also often in the headlines. As much as Kishore Kumar is remembered for his films and singing, he is also remembered for his married life. Kishore Kumar had four marriages. First married in 1951 and fourth in 1980. The first wife was Ruma Guha Thakurta. The second marriage was to Madhubala and the third was to Yogita Bali. Kishore had married Leena Chandavarkar for the fourth time.

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