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Kanpur: People of Kanpur praying for Raju Srivastava, comedian Annu Awasthi also performed Havan


Aug 20, 2022
Kanpur: People of Kanpur praying for Raju Srivastava, comedian Annu Awasthi also performed Havan

Report : Akhand Pratap Singh

Kanpur. You must have recognized comedian Raju Srivastava aka Gajodhar Bhaiya, who has earned a name not only in the country, but in the world, his health is very serious these days. He is on ventilator, prayers are going on for him across the country. While people are doing Havan-Poojan to improve his health, his friend and comedian Annu Awasthi is also constantly praying for his friend Raju Srivastava. Awasthi is organizing havans for him in temples and he is also in constant touch with his family.

Jin Gajodhar Bhaiya gave a new definition of comedy to the whole country, who is also known as Comedy King. Big famous comedians have also accepted Raju Srivastava’s iron. Raju came out of Kanpur and made his own identity in the industry and turned out to be a very successful artist as a standup comedian. In the past, he had an attack, after which there was some improvement in his health. But yesterday his condition worsened once again. However, Annu Awasthi told in a conversation with News18 that she had a talk with Raju’s family. The good news is that his condition has improved, soon he will be healthy and we will make people laugh again in the same way.

don’t spread rumors people

Annu Awasthi said that his family, his loved ones are facing the most problems due to fake news and rumours. Rumors start flying on social media, which should be stopped because it has a bad effect on the family members as well as those who know them. He appealed to the people in his own style that people should pray for the health of Raju Bhaiya as much as possible and that he will recover soon and return once again amongst all of us.

Praying for your well being in your own style

In his own style, Annu prayed for the well being of Raju Srivastava. He said that he is threatening Raju Bhaiya that he should return to us after getting it right, otherwise it will not be good. Do not disturb Shikha Bhabhi, children are still small, do not disturb them. We have accepted the iron of your acting, now come back, now we are getting upset.

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