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Kalyug Ke Sharwan Kumar: Gunjan Singh became ‘Shravan Kumar of Kalyug’ for blind parents, reprimanded sister-in-law!


Jul 30, 2022
Kalyug Ke Sharwan Kumar: Gunjan Singh became 'Shravan Kumar of Kalyug' for blind parents, reprimanded sister-in-law!

Shravan Kumar of Kali Yuga Gunjan Singh | Parents Special | Shiv Bhajan 2022 | Kalyug Ke Sharwan KumarIn today’s era, many sons consider their parents a burden after marriage. However, in this era, stories of some such sons are also heard, for whom parents are their God. Recently, Chandan Kumar of Jehanabad in Bihar and his wife Rani Devi were also in the discussion, who people call Shravan Kumar of Kaliyuga. This couple made their parents visit the pilgrimage in the same way as Shravan Kumar had done in the era of Lord Shri Ram. Meanwhile, Bhojpuri singer Gunjan Singh has released a new song and the title of his music album is ‘Kalyug Ke Sharwan Kumar’.

The daughter-in-law who harassed the parents depicted in the song
Seeing the new song of Gunjan Singh, you will really miss Shravan Kumar and also get to see the face of Kalyugi son and daughter-in-law. In the video ‘Kalyug Ke Shravan Kumar’, a couple prepares to go on a pilgrimage and when it comes to taking the parents along, the son-in-law says, ‘What will you do with these buddhas in a distant journey… ’ and turns away… then another son comes out of the house and reprimands loudly, ‘Beware sister-in-law. ‘

Gunjan Singh gives a big message in parents’ special song
Seeing the unwavering love of the son, the blind parents caress him and bless him with Jug Jug Jio. After this, Gunjan Singh challenges her sister-in-law and says that you do not take them but we will take them to the pilgrimage. Then, together with Gunjan and wife, they prepare doli through two baskets and take them away. In the verse of the song, he says, ‘God is at the feet of the parents… at their feet the world is the world. Going to reunite God with God..’ The video is completely inspiring to those daughter-in-law who consider their parents a burden and do not respect them…

This Hindi song of Gunjan Singh is amazing, through which he gives a big message to the society. In the video, Mahima Singh is in the role of Gunjan’s wife. Lyrics of this song are written by Aman Albela and music is given by Arya Sharma.

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