In the Lok Sabha, Rahul Gandhi said, “The idea of a monarch was crushed in 1947, and today it has come back.”

“All institutions are being targeted,” Rahul Gandhi said in the Lok Sabha. Farmers are not represented in your perspective. Nobody gets through to the King.”

In the Lok Sabha, Rahul Gandhi said, "The idea of a monarch was crushed in 1947, and today it has come back."
Congress leader Rahul Gandhi during the on going Budget session. (Sansad TV)

During a debate on the Motion of Thanks on the President’s Address in the Lok Sabha on Wednesday, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi launched a scathing attack on the BJP-led central government on a wide range of issues, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying, “The King does not listen to anybody.”

There are two points of view. India is a union of states, according to one vision. It’s a collaboration, not a monarchy. You would never be able to dominate over the people of India’s states. It has never been done before in the last 3,000 years… The second vision involves using a stick to rule India. A vision that is centralised. The idea of a king was defeated by Congress in 1947, but it has since been revived. Every institution is under threat. Farmers are not represented in your perspective. “The ‘King’ does not pay attention to anyone.”

Gandhi criticised the government of committing critical foreign policy blunders. “China has a well-defined strategy. China has a plan, and I can see it without any doubt in my mind… We are all patriots. So, let’s have a proper discussion. China appears to have a well-defined strategy. In Doklam and Ladakh, they laid the groundwork for their strategy. Don’t undervalue what we’re up against. This is a grave threat to India’s national security… In Jammu and Kashmir, we committed major strategic errors. We’ve made major strategic errors in our foreign policy, and if we don’t remedy them, we’ll be doomed…”

“It is apparent that the Chinese and Pakistanis are plotting something. Take a look at the weaponry they’re purchasing. Look at what they’re doing. Take a look at how they’re speaking. Take a look at who they’re talking to. I’m clearly expressing in the House of Commons that we’ve made a huge mistake. He remarked, “We have to make sure we can defend ourselves against the Chinese.”

“Please keep in mind what I’m saying because the Chinese are going to act… Keep in mind that you will be held accountable for everything that occurs. That is why it is critical that we begin this discussion as a nation. It is critical that you, as a nation, pay attention to what we have to say because we have experience. “We have reached a point of agreement,” Gandhi stated.

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