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In the film ‘Shamshera’ people found the big mistake of the makers, made fun of it by sharing VIDEO


Aug 25, 2022
In the film 'Shamshera' people found the big mistake of the makers, made fun of it by sharing VIDEO

Ranbir Kapoor And people had high hopes from Vaani Kapoor starrer film ‘Shamshera’. After about four years, all the excitement of seeing the actor on screen ended only after the release of the film. The film, which released on July 22, could not make a special collection at the box office, so the makers have now released the film on OTT. After watching this film, social media users have exposed the biggest flaw of the film and are making fun of it.

There was a lot of publicity before the release of Ranbir Kapoor, Vaani Kapoor and Sanjay Dutt starrer film ‘Shamshera’. The film disappointed the audience and the result was that Ranbir’s long film flopped. Now netizens have caught a big mess of the filmmakers and started trolling the makers by sharing their video clip on social media.

Vaani Kapoor’s hand held cloth instead of a child

Actually, in a fight scene of the film, Vaani Kapoor is seen holding a newborn child in her hand. People have shared this clip and told that it is not a child but only a cloth. It is also clear from the manner in which Vani has caught that netizens have caught a big flaw. People are making fun of the director of the film. Social media users say that there was not even enough money to hand over a doll. A user shared this clip and wrote that ‘let’s assume that he is a child’.

Netizens are making funny comments

This video clip of ‘Shamshera’ is becoming very viral, people are also giving funny reactions. One wrote ‘the child’s budget Had it not been, I would have bought a doll and given it, then one wrote ‘In such a big budget film, I had to take clothes in place of baby’, then one wrote ‘Maybe there must have been a problem in Shamshera’s budget only then even a toy Could not buy ‘, then one wrote ‘the child is fighting his own war’.

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Let us inform that Ranbir Kapoor is in the double role of Shamshera and Balli in the film, while Vaani Kapoor is in the role of Sona. Bally and Sona get married and Sona becomes the mother of a child.

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