“In 2014, Yuvraj held up my chopper,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, referring to Rahul Gandhi.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today blasted the Congress and Rahul Gandhi for a 2014 incident in which his helicopter was held up in Punjab because “Yuvraj (prince)” was heading to Amritsar, according to him.When the incident occurred, PM Modi said he was in Punjab campaigning for the national election after being appointed the BJP’s probable Prime Minister.”I was chosen as a candidate for Prime Minister. To campaign, I had to travel to Pathankot and Himachal Pradesh.

My chopper, on the other hand, was denied permission to go to Pathankot since their yuvraj (prince) was also in Amritsar. He was solely a Congress Member of Parliament.

"In 2014, Yuvraj held up my chopper," Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, referring to Rahul Gandhi.

The Congress has a history of preventing the opposition from working “At a rally in Jalandhar, PM Modi made a dig at Congress leader Rahul Gandhi.

The Prime Minister’s remark was noteworthy on a day when Punjab Chief Minister Charanjit Singh Channi’s helicopter was denied permission to take off from Chandigarh, allegedly due to a “no-fly zone” imposed in the wake of the Prime Minister’s visit.The Chief Minister was on his way to Hoshiarpur, Punjab, for Rahul Gandhi’s election rally.

However, Rahul Gandhi’s helicopter was allowed to land in Hoshiarpur.After attempting to disrupt his administration and administer it by remote control, the Prime Minister accused the Congress of “humiliating Captain Amarinder Singh.”When PM Modi made the statements, Amarinder Singh, who was removed as Chief Minister by the Congress in September, was on stage. For the Punjab election on Sunday, the former Chief Minister has teamed up with the BJP.In response to Priyanka Gandhi Vadra’s criticism of Amarinder Singh’s administration, “PM Modi said the federal government in Delhi was “running Captain’s government by remote control,” adding, “They stated we didn’t want Captain’s government to be governed by Delhi.”

This means that Congress administrations are managed by a single family from afar, rather than by the constitution.”The Prime Minister stated that the Congress is now “paying for its transgressions.””Take a look at the current status of Congress. Their own party is disintegrating.

They are being exposed by their own leaders. Can a party with so much internal strife provide a stable government in Punjab?” PM Modi inquired, seemingly alluding to President Minister Channi’s conflict with Punjab Congress chief Navjot Sidhu.

The Prime Minister was speaking at his first rally in Punjab since a security breakdown last month, when a blockage by farm protestors forced him to spend 20 minutes on a flyover on his way to a rally.

“I wanted to go to Devi Ka Talab, but the Punjab Police stated it couldn’t because of security concerns. This is the security situation in Punjab “PM Modi made a remark.

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