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IIFA 2023: Ring seen in Salman Khan’s finger during the press meet, Dabangg Khan’s engagement started being discussed


Nov 30, 2022
IIFA 2023: Ring seen in Salman Khan's finger during the press meet, Dabangg Khan's engagement started being discussed

Mumbai: Salman Khan IIFA 2023 (IIFA 2023) on Tuesday Had reached the press conference organized for. Many Bollywood celebrities were present on this occasion, but the situation changed as soon as Salman arrived. Salman looked very dashing wearing a gray coat-pants with a green shirt. As soon as the cameras started clicking on seeing Dabangg Khan, the actor also did not hesitate to pose. On this occasion, Salman Khan was seen wearing a bracelet in his hand as usual, but for the first time a ring was seen in Salman’s finger. This picture has created a buzz on social media.

Pictures of Salman Khan wearing a ring are becoming viral on social media and users are discussing it a lot. Some users felt that Salman had got engaged, but when they noticed that Salman was wearing the ring on his middle finger, their hopes were dashed.


(Photo courtesy: iifa/Instagram)

Lucky ring for Salman
Like Salman Khan’s bracelet, this ring is also being said to be lucky. Fans are reacting fiercely regarding the ring. One wrote, ‘Salman Khan is completely lucky, he needs to wear something lucky’.

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