Himani Arora show’s Why Delhiite called Dilwale in Covid 2nd Wave.

Himani Arora is a true Delhiite, as proven it in the second wave of corona in Delhi. Why Delhi is full of heartful people show’s in Delhiite’s action. Himani in not helping people in Delhi but throughout nation by providing verified information of essential items such as oxygen cylinders, Oxygen refilling points, food, medicine, etc. Thousands of people get helped by her, if beauty came with kindness there’s nothing much needed in life.

Himani Arora show's Why Delhiite called Dilwale in Covid 2nd Wave.

Himani Arora strongly believes that we should always uplift people, Encourage each other and be kind, trust me your destiny is yours only. Do good! be good. Also, She is passionate about a lot of things such as traveling, fashion, also running a blog.

So, It’s started when Himani Arora friend talked about how is he facing the issue of finding Corona virus-fighting essentials for his family members to get treated. He also told her that, he is using social media for finding leads. But, the response is not good. She thought let me try for you with great no. of reach maybe helping out somehow. The thing gets working out & he got what he wants. after that, she realized there is chaos everywhere as this second wave hit us so badly people lost their lives, whereas, National media is busy in election rally so do govt. Let’s help them by providing the correct leads & circulate a network to help people in need. She started posting daily asking people to provide leads and sharing on her social media so that people get help. she posted on her Instagram stories that her page is open for queries and leads to help people, It all began from there.

Himani Arora show's Why Delhiite called Dilwale in Covid 2nd Wave.

While Started her problem was seeing many people suffering around. she tried to help as many as possible but still, some people left behind due to fewer sources. It felt helpless many times as demanding more & supplies are limited, as we update leads people rushed for it. lead is capable for 100 people and depending 1000. As people are looking for Oxygen refill points, Empty Oxygen cylinders, Empty Hospital Beds, Plasma, Food, & much more.

Himani Arora show's Why Delhiite called Dilwale in Covid 2nd Wave.

On asking does it affect your audience & content? It doesn’t bother Himani as long as people get help. Although she is getting positive response form the follower’s, She quoted that people is losing there love ones without saying food bye, this is noting in front of other everyone is trying there best this is small from her side.

When people get helped they really appreciate giving blessings, strengthen her doing more & more. Even her audience appreciate me with lots of blessing & it really change her life in positive way. she said it was so satisfying. Once three night in a row her & her team helped people to get empty cylinders till 4 am. and people response towards it, felt satisfying & blessed when they get helped. According to her India in worst phase as corona virus is mutating itself in India, She wants more & more people get vaccinate & Govt. need to focus of health sector so many lives we already lost.

It being months she is doing this, she started on April 17th 2021 when she 1st posted & continually posting. If you need any leads check out her on Instagram mention below also check her website to know about Himani.

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