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‘He beat me so much that my jaw was broken…’ Actress Flora Saini’s pain spilled over boyfriend’s cruelty


Dec 6, 2022
'He beat me so much that my jaw was broken...' Actress Flora Saini's pain spilled over boyfriend's cruelty

New Delhi. Flora Saini, who played the role of a scary ghost in Rajkumar Rao’s film ‘Stree’, has worked in more than 50 films so far and has also made a tremendous mark in the industry on the basis of brilliant acting. . Flora has acted not only in Bollywood, but also in Tollywood and many Kannada and Tamil films.

While Flora takes pride in her work, the actress shivers when she recalls the darkest phase of her life. Recently, in a News18 English special, Flora spoke about domestic violence and the sexual assault she faced at the hands of her ex-boyfriend Gaurang Doshi in 2007. Also, he talked about the murder of Shraddha Walker, a 26-year-old woman who was brutally killed by Aftab Poonawalla in Delhi.

he was beating me
She said, ‘I lived in Bombay with my mother, but I left home because he (ex-BF) wanted me to prove my love for him. Because of that, I left the house, at that time when my mother told me not to leave the house, but I did not listen to her. He was very cute in the beginning. So good that even my parents were fooled that he is such a good boy. The same happened in the case of Shraddha. They cut you off from your family first. I too had left my house, and within a week of living with him, I was being beaten up. I could not understand why he was suddenly beating me, because in my eyes he was a very good boy.

i couldn’t even go back home
He further said, ‘I came out of the house for him because of stubbornness. My parents also told me not to go. I couldn’t even go back, because I had voluntarily left my home. He also took my phone so that I could not call anyone. Even if he used to beat me, I used to feel that it was my fault. He twisted things in such a way that he used to blame me for saying something and in response he hit me.

my parents never hit me
She says, ‘One night I told him that my parents never hit me and I was leaving the house we were living in. I packed my stuff and I reached the lift, he came in the lift and warned me that he will count till 10 and if I don’t return, he will kill my parents and me.’

every girl should know this
Flora Saini Said, ‘One very important thing that I want every girl to know about identifying a toxic relationship is that they will cut you off from your family, best friends and everyone so that you don’t have outside support. meet. They will cut off all ties with you so that you don’t even have the guts to face someone and tell them that you need help. Second, they will kill your self-esteem. They will do emotional blackmail and make you feel low about yourself.

at last i ran home
She further says, ‘One night, he beat me so much that my jaw was broken. He took his father’s photo and warned me that I swear on my father that I will kill you tonight. When he turned back to put the photo frame back, it was at that moment that my mother’s voice echoed in my ears that at such a moment you have to run – just run, don’t think whether to wear clothes or not, have money or No, just run away. I ran home and decided that I would never go back. The next morning, my family accompanied me to the police station to lodge a complaint against him. They refused to file my complaint, and they were talking to him on the phone and telling him that I had come to file a complaint. Finally, he took a handwritten complaint.

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