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Hanuman Hindi Teaser: Before the release of ‘Adipurush’, ‘Hanuman’ teaser hit the internet, such discussion started


Nov 23, 2022
Hanuman Hindi Teaser: Before the release of 'Adipurush', 'Hanuman' teaser hit the internet, such discussion started

Hanuman Movie Inspired From Lord Hanuman: The teaser video of the South film ‘Hanuman Teaser’ produced by producer K Niranjan Reddy has been released. People are getting to see its tremendous craze on the internet. Its Hindi version was also released recently and it is trending at number four on YouTube. Seeing its one minute 41 second teaser video, it seems that the good will get battered in front of it. This is quite cool. It is directed by Prashant Verma. Prashant is known in the cinema world for making films on science fiction, detective and many other genres in medium budgets.

In the teaser video of the film ‘Hanuman’ (Hanuman Teaser Viral), it is being seen that this film itself is completely dependent on the character of Lord Hanuman. Its story is also inspired by him. The direction of the film is amazing. Some of the powers of Lord Hanuman have been shown in this. He is doing penance and chanting the name of Ram. Everything from action to reaction is being seen in the teaser of the film, which has been shot brilliantly. This short video is giving goosebumps and has created panic all around. A different excitement can be seen in people for this. Religious mythology Ramayana is once again going to be seen by the audience in a new form. It is being said that the film ‘Hanuman’ will be released in many languages ​​including Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi. The director has described the film as international.

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Danger looming over ‘Adipurush’!
The teaser of the film ‘Hanuman’ has gone viral as soon as it is released. Its release has created a stir among the people. Especially in Bollywood. People have started comparing it with Prabhas’s ‘Adipurush’. The teaser is so impressive that it looks like it will set a new record at the box office as well as break all records. It is being said that even ‘Adipurush’ could hardly survive in front of this. It is known that when its trailer video was released, there was a lot of controversy. Earlier, there was a lot of controversy regarding Saif Ali Khan’s Ravana look as well as Prabhas’s wearing slippers with Ram’s character. In this people also trolled for VFX. Whereas, ‘Hanuman’ is getting good response in everything. Well, things will come to the fore only after their release.

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