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Gwalior’s Iron Girl Niharika: She has 10 times more medals than her age


Aug 25, 2022
Gwalior's Iron Girl Niharika: She has 10 times more medals than her age

Gwalior. of Gwalior Niharika Kaurav in today’s world of karate iron girl is known as. Niharika, who learned karate for the purpose of self-protection, has been an MP Karate champion since 2011. 23-year-old Niharika has won 10 times her age. So far, Niharika, who has played in seven international events in other countries including Indonesia, Egypt, came after winning 5 gold medals for India. In September, she is going to play in the Commonwealth Karate Championship in England and the World Karate Series in Turkey.

Along with hard work to reach the international level, Niharika also had to face the taunts of the society. But he did not lose courage and finally proved his worth by winning 5 gold medals for India. Those who used to taunt yesterday, they today exhort their daughters to be like niharika. This is the story of struggle and passion of Niharika, popularly known as Iron Girl of Gwalior.

Started now for protection…
Niharika Kaurav, 23, of Gwalior is known today as the best karatebaaz. At the age of 10, he started learning karate for the purpose of keeping himself fit and self-defense. Niharika, who entered the karate ring for the purpose of protecting herself, gradually became an international karatebaaz and it became the aim of her game to get a medal for the country.

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long journey to success
The journey of Niharika’s success started with the school college competition. In the year 2011, he won the Madhya Pradesh Karate Championship for the first time. From 2011 to 2022, Madhya Pradesh is winning the title of Karate Championship. She has won 10 times more medals than her age. Niharika came after winning 5 gold medals for India by playing in 7 international events. Now going to England to play in the 10th Commonwealth Karate Championship in September.

people say marriage age is over
Niharika had to face social problems along with sports to become an international karatebaaz. His family hails from a small village in Bhind district. In Niharika’s society, girls are married off as soon as they reach the threshold of youth. When she turned 20, the people of the society used to talk about her marriage. When she went out to play the championship, the family was taunted. But when Niharika started winning gold medals by playing for India abroad, the same people praise her. Ask your daughters to be like niharika. Niharika’s mother Meenal also had to bear the taunts of the society. But the mother gave freedom and full support to the daughter to play, bypassing the cares of the society.

6 to 7 hours daily in the ring
Niharika will go to England in the second week of September to play the 10th Commonwealth Karate Championship. After that, in the last week of September, she will play in the World Karate Series in Turkey. She is sweating day and night in the ring for both the international competitions. Practicing 6 to 7 hours in the morning and evening. Coach Amit says that Niharika has tremendous preparation for both the events. It is expected that she will bring medals for India in both the competitions.

Still have to go further…
Niharika’s father Ramveer Kaurav is a doctor and runs a clinic in Bhind district. Mother Minal Kaurav is a government teacher. Niharika has so far obtained BA as well as B. Ped degree. Right now she wants to increase the honor of the tricolor all over the world by winning a medal for the country. In the future, she will help to prepare the children and play for India.

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