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From Richa Chadha-Ali Fazal’s wedding reception to Haldi-Mehndi, know the complete details related to the wedding


Aug 8, 2022
From Richa Chadha-Ali Fazal's wedding reception to Haldi-Mehndi, know the complete details related to the wedding

Richa Chadha Ali Fazal Wedding: When will Richa Chadha and Ali Fazal get married? This is a question that the fans of the couple have been asking them for a long time. Richa and Ali Fazal were about to tie the knot in 2020. Both had also made most of the arrangements for the wedding. But, after the arrival of the corona virus, their marriage was postponed indefinitely. Ali and Richa are trying to work out a date from their busy schedule for the wedding. Now the news is coming that this couple is going to get married in September.

A few weeks ago in an interview with News18 Shosha, Richa had confirmed that she might tie the knot this year. Responding to the question of marriage, the actress said- ‘I think the wedding will happen this year. We are very excited for the wedding, but are also worried about Corona. We want to be responsible. We don’t want to be in news for wrong reasons.

Richa further says- ‘After Kovid, we have become even more busy with our work.’ Talking about the audience’s passion for celebrity weddings, Richa said, “Who doesn’t want to have a little fun? I mean, I didn’t think so, but then I understood the charm of all the recent celebrity weddings and how happy their fans are when the pictures come out.”

Important things related to Richa-Ali’s marriage
india today In a conversation with Richa, she told that she and Ali Fazal will get married in September this year. There will be minimum number of guests in the wedding. After this, the couple will also hold a reception for their celebrity friends, which will be attended by around 400 guests.

Ali and Richa’s wedding functions will be held in Mumbai and Delhi. Both will get married in the last week of September and then there will be a reception in October. For which cards have also been sent to the guests. Both the turmeric-henna functions will be held in Delhi and the wedding will also take place in Delhi. After this the reception will be held in Mumbai.

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