Farmani Naaz sang this song 3 years ago while Leaping the stove, Ashu Bachchan became an angel for the singer

Farmani Naaz, who was a contestant of Indian Idol, is on the target of religious fanatics these days for singing the Shiva hymn ‘Har-Har Shambhu Song’. The clerics and religious fanatics are angry with him after the song went viral. A fatwa has been issued against him, but in the midst of all this, Farmani has said that the singer has no religion, because he is an artist. In the midst of this debate, the video of Farmani is going viral, which made the singer a star.

Along with the hymn ‘Har-Har Shambhu’, a video of Farmani Naaz is going viral on social media, through which Farmani came to limelight on social media. Farmani was helped by Ashu Bachchan, who came as an angel to her, to lead her life with ‘Naaz’.

Husband got second marriage without divorce

Farmani Naaz, a resident of Muzaffarnagar, was married in the year 2017 in Hasanpur, a small village in Meerut. Shortly after marriage, she became the mother of a son, but Farman’s son had a hole in his neck from birth, due to which he could not speak. Due to this condition of the son, his in-laws refused to adopt and Farmani returned to the maternal home with the son and the husband got married again without giving divorce.

Ashu Bachchan turns angel for singer

In the difficult phase of life, Ashu Bachchan met Farmani proud. It is said that God himself does not come to help people, but sends such angels for help. Ashu Bachchan is a singer and mimicry artist who runs his own YouTube channel. Initially he used to work in partnership with Farmani Naaz, but now both do their separate work.

The song was sung by Farmani while leaving the hearth

A video of Farmani Naaz is becoming increasingly viral on social media, which was shared by Ashu Bachchan on 5 September 2019. Leaving the stove Lata Mangeshkar She is seen singing the song ‘Milo na tum toh hum gharaye…’. This video of him became very viral and people started liking his singing. You can also watch this video-

Have sung many hymns before

Let us tell you that after completing her journey of Indian Idol, a video surfaced in which she was seen singing the song ‘Satyam Shivam Sundaram’ sung for Lord Shiva. Not only Shiva but Farmani Naaz has also sung the songs of Krishna, which people have liked very much.

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