Fact check: Should you not accept Rs 500 note with a green strip near Mahatma Gandhi’s photo?

rs 500 note, mahatma gandhi

Are you falling for a fake Rs 500 note? Here’s a fact check to give you the real picture. Every now and then we hear rumors about currency notes and why they shouldn’t be accepted. One such recent rumor is that if the green strip is near the picture of Mahatma Gandhi and not the RBI governor’s signature then it’s a fake note.

As any other rumor about currency notes would do, this one also made traders and vendors skeptical and they started showing hesitation in receiving such notes and began to scrutinize every note with extra caution. But it turns out that this rumor is, after all, just a rumor. PIB has debunked the claim in an Instagram post saying that there is no truth to any such thoughts.

PIB, very Categorically, has said that both kinds of notes -with a green strip near Mahatma Gandhi’s photo and the other with a green strip near the governor’s signature-are good to go. There is no deliberate attempt on the government’s part to make them look different than each other. There is no difference in their values. So, be vigilant about your money, but don’t fall for any rumors either. PIB, very categorically, has said that both

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