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Exclusive: Goldie Behl on the comparison of Duranga: No one can like a copy more than the original…


Sep 2, 2022
Exclusive: Goldie Behl on the comparison of Duranga: No one can like a copy more than the original...

The recently released web series ‘Duranga’ is getting a lot of praise these days for its best and new type of content. You can see many stories of Psychopath Killer on OTT, but ‘Duranga’ is different in many ways and both the lead actors ie Drishti Dhami and Gulshan Devaiah, who are seen in this series, are getting a lot of praise. ‘Duranga’ is an adaptation of the Korean show ‘Flower Of Evil’. In such a situation, from comparing your show with the original Korean show to the boycott trend of Hindi films, Producer Goldie Behl had a special conversation with News18 Hindi Digital on all the issues.

On the question of adapting and comparing the famous Korean show among the growing audience of K-Drama in India, Goldie Behl said, See, it cannot happen that the one who has seen and liked the original, will like the adaptation more than that. If this cannot happen, then there is no point in talking or arguing on it. But if no one likes our film, there is victory for us. Look at the comparison because if you watch the original, then there will be a memory in your mind. Like many people read books and when films are made on them, they do not like them. It will happen and we are ready for it.

While talking about the changing environment of Bollywood and the ongoing Boycott trend these days, Goldie Behl said, ‘I think the audience has changed a lot after the Corona period. If I can talk about myself, I myself have turned a little bit away from films and since the illness of Sonali (Sonali is the wife of Bendra Goldie Behl, who has fought cancer.) in 2018 I have shifted my focus to OTT. shifted to . So I think the films that are coming now are two years old films. There is a big difference between the audience of then and the audience of now. Maybe that’s why the audience is not liking these films that much.

He further said, ‘Because while sitting at home, we saw all kinds of content. We also watched international content and also watched YouTube. So the grammar of story telling has completely changed. I think the time is not right now and we are not able to give what the audience wants from us. Second, I feel that post Kovid now the film has become very expensive. Not only film making but watching movies has also become very expensive. I think this has also made a big difference.

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