‘Conservative society is not in the interest of women’, Ratna Pathak Shah said – increasing number of ads ‘show the horoscope’

Ratna Pathak Shah Is an excellent actress. Ratna has made her a special place due to her superb acting from theater to small and big screen. Ratna is one of those actresses who have always hit hard on conservative thinking. Be it a live-in relationship or marriage with veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah, the actress’s outlook on life has always been progressive. Ratna believes that all over the world, there is a conservative attitude towards men and women. Because of this, all kinds of inequalities are seen in the society. In a recent interview, Ratna openly expressed her opinion on the changing situation of society.

In a conversation with Pinkvilla, Ratna Pathak Shah told about his journey of 50 years. Talked about the star system, opportunities for women and society becoming conservative day by day. Ratna says that ‘our society is becoming very conservative, I am feeling it very strongly. We are becoming superstitious, we are being forced to believe that religion is an important part of our life.

Ratna is feeling the change in the society
Ratna further said that ‘Suddenly everyone is talking about it, are you not fasting for Karva Chauth?. Till date no one has asked me this, for the first time last year someone asked me like this for the first time. I said ‘am I crazy? Isn’t it strange that modern educated women pray for the long life of their husbands, for this they observe a fast on Karva Chauth.

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Ratna said Conservative society tightens the noose on women
Ratna said that ‘we are becoming conservative. Show horoscope, get Vastu done, show your astrologer like look at advertisements, their number is increasing. Is this a sign of modern society? We are moving towards a very conservative society. And the first thing a conservative society does is to clamp down on women. Take a look at Conservative societies from around the world.

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