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Bhojpuri Web series: Ankush Raja-Raksha Gupta’s ‘Pakdua Biyah’ teaser out, know when the web series will be released


Nov 28, 2022
Bhojpuri Web series: Ankush Raja-Raksha Gupta's 'Pakdua Biyah' teaser out, know when the web series will be released

There has been a prevalent evil practice in Bihar, whose name is ‘Pakdua Biyah’. Films have already been made in Bollywood regarding this practice. In this practice, any boy was forcibly brought and got him married. Now the focus is on this, Ankush Raja has brought a web series in Bhojpuri, in which actress Raksha Gupta has played the lead role with him. In this, through the story, there is a meaningful attempt to show that serious problem, under which people were forcibly married at a young age and without a match. It will be released on 10 December on the OTT platform. But before that its trailer video has been released. It is produced by Abhay Sinha and directed by Vikas Tiwari.

The teaser video of Bhojpuri web series ‘Pakdua Biyah’ is of one minute and five seconds. It is seen in the video that Raja is forcibly caught and brought to marry Raksha Gupta. But the Bhojpuri actress is already in love with Ankush. The king is against this marriage. At the same time, Raksha’s onscreen father is shown as Bahubali, who can do anything. However, who marries whom and what happens. To see this interesting scene, you will have to wait for its release. Apart from Raksha, there is also Anara Gupta, whose small romantic scene with Raja can be seen in the teaser. Its trailer video is nothing special but is getting decent response.

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At the same time, regarding the web series ‘Pakdua Biyah’ (Ankush Raja Web series Pakadua Biyah), Vikas Tiwari told that it has been our endeavor to keep a meaningful story with a sensitive subject among the audience. He said that the web series ‘Pakdua Biyah’ is full of power entertainment in every sense. Everyone will be able to connect with this. This is a hard hitting series on conservative thoughts with entertainment. Along with this, Ankush Raja said that it is difficult to imagine a web series in Bhojpuri, but Abhay Sinha has done it.

Let us tell you that Anara Gupta, Vineet Vishal, Vishnu Shankar Belu, Bijendra Singh BIB, Shakeel Sheikh are in the lead roles along with Ankush Raja and Raksha Gupta in the web series ‘Pakdua Biyah’. Lyrics and music is by Om Jha and Govind Jha. Project head is Pankaj Tiwari.

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