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Bhojpuri Song: Singer Sonu Singh added romance to Pallavi Singh, the actress said – ‘Dubar Bani Raja’


Jul 29, 2022
Bhojpuri Song: Singer Sonu Singh added romance to Pallavi Singh, the actress said - 'Dubar Bani Raja'

In the Bhojpuri music industry, these days, one after the other, songs are being dedicated to Shiva. At the same time, in the meantime, now singer Sonu Singh (Sanu Singh Appi Prathi) has changed the whole atmosphere. His latest music video (Bhojpuri Latest Music Video) has been released, whose lyrics are ‘Dubar Bani Raja’. In this, he is making a tremendous romance with co-actress Pallavi Singh. Where the atmosphere was made devotional in the devotion of Shiva, now this song has turned into a romantic dose.

Singer and actor Sonu Singh’s new music video ‘Dubar Bani Raja’ has been released from SS Music World’s YouTube channel. Bolbam songs and romantic videos have been released even before this channel. It has been launched recently and the audience is giving a good response to the songs released on it. Well, now when it comes to the songs of Sonu Singh and actress Pallavi Singh released on it, then their video song (Bhojpuri Video Song) is very romantic. This song will change your mood in the rainy season. It can be seen in the video that Sonu is in a romantic mood and wants to romance his wife-turned-co-actress but she is seen refusing. But still Sonu gives a touch of romance.

Sonu is seen saying that ‘Kahe tu door rahelu e gori… tanko na takelu tu humara auri… detaru kahe la hamara tu sajja’. At the same time, the actress says that ‘Hey Chhoda da Balam ji… Chhoda da kamariya se Jhulan ho Balam ji… Dubar bani Raja’. Saying this, the tremors that Pallavi shows her are amazing. The audience is in awe of his every act. His dance and expressions have made everyone crazy. People are watching their romance-filled videos again and again.

The Bhojpuri song ‘Dubar Bani Raja’ has been decorated by Sonu Singh with his best singing, as well as he has also added romance with actress Pallavi Singh, whose romantic chemistry is very much liked by the audience. are liking. The lyrics of the song have been written by Bhutta Bhutani (Satya). The song is produced under the banner of SS MUSIC WORLD.

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