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Bhojpuri Song: Arvind Akela Kallu’s banging song ‘Branded Booty’ released, the video went viral on sight


Jul 12, 2022
Bhojpuri Song: Arvind Akela Kallu's banging song 'Branded Booty' released, the video went viral on sight

Bhojpuri Actor and Singer Arvind Akela Kallu is known for his strong singing. If any song comes to him then it becomes viral. Fans also eagerly wait for his song. In such a situation, on the occasion of Sawan, his new video song (Ankush Raja Video Song) has been released, whose lyrics are ‘Branded Buti’. In this, actress Anjali Jha is dancing fiercely with him and both are absorbed in the devotion of Bholenath.

The video of Bhojpuri song ‘Branded Buti’ has been released from the YouTube channel of Saregama Hum Bhojpuri. It is being seen in this that actress Anjali Jha is romancing Kallu and is getting to see the amazing chemistry between both the actors. It is being liked a lot. Fans are also commenting a lot on their music videos. The video is being watched again and again since its release. It is getting a good response from the fans. Fans are enjoying their songs a lot. Both the actors can be seen in saffron color in the style of sadhus. The chemistry between them is pleasing to everyone. Both are dancing fiercely and this song of devotion of Bholenath is making the whole atmosphere devotional. If we talk about the views of the video, then it has been seen more than four lakh times and it has got more than 19 thousand likes.

If we talk about the making of the song ‘Branded Buti’, then Arvind Akela Kallu has sung it in a new and passionate style. Its writer is Roshan Singh Vishwas. Music is given by Priyanshu Singh. The director is Bibhanshu Tiwari. The assistant editor is Anand Kumar. The choreographers are Prem Babu and Vikram Paswan. The production is done by Akash Vishwakarma. Apart from this, if we talk about Kallu’s workfront, then he is going to be seen in the film ‘Kaun Apna Koun Paraya’ with actress Raksha Gupta. In this, the fans are quite excited to see the chemistry of both of them on screen for the first time.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : July 12, 2022, 07:00 IST

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