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Bhojpuri Sawan Song: Shilpi Raj and Neelkamal Singh’s new song ‘Ae Gori Ganga Nahai LaS’ released, VIDEO


Aug 4, 2022
Bhojpuri Sawan Song: Shilpi Raj and Neelkamal Singh's new song 'Ae Gori Ganga Nahai LaS' released, VIDEO

#Neelkamal Singh | #Shilpi Raj | A. Gori Ganga takes a bath. Ae Gori Ganga Nahayila | New Bolbum Song: Bhojpuri singer Neel Kamal Singh is also now launching his new song like Khesari Lal Yadav and Shilpi Raj. He was recently released ‘Math Pa Mahadev’ in which he is seen with Bhojpuri actress Srishti Uttarakhandi. In the video, he and his co-stars were completely drenched in Shiv Bhakti, which is being liked very much by the Bhojpuri audience. Meanwhile, his new song has been released in which he is talking about bathing in the Ganges from his close one. The lyrics of Neelkamal Singh’s new song ‘Ae Gori Ganga Nahai LaS…Jal Dhare Se Pehle…(Ae Gori Ganga Nahayila)’

In the new Bolb Song, Nilkamal Singh is seen with actress Nikita Singh and he is asking her to take a dip in the Ganges, however, she is refusing by giving many excuses. The video has been shot on the banks of a pilgrimage site on the banks of the Ganges, in which crowds of devotees are being seen. In ‘A Gori Ganga Nahai La S…’, both the stars and their background artist are seen carrying a kawand. Lyrics of this song are written by Ashutosh Tiwari and music director is Arya Sharma.

‘A Gori Ganga Nahai La S…’ has been sung by Neelkamal Singh in association with trending singer Shilpi Raj (Shil[i Raj]and it has been released by Saregama Hum Bhojpuri on its YouTube channel on 4 August 2022 i.e. this morning itself. Till the video was made news, more than 1 lakh 30 thousand people have watched. In some scenes of this song, Nilkamal Singh is also seen blowing ganja. Earlier, his ‘Sughar Chahi Kaniya e Baba’ has been released on the same day, in which he was seen with actress Srishti Uttarakhandi. His ‘Math Pa Mahadev’ is also shadowed, in which ghosts are seen dancing and singing near the idol set up like Mahakal in a strange avatar with a procession of vampires. This Sawan Song has also been released by Saregama Hum Bhojpuri on its official YouTube channel.[iRaj)केसाथमिलकरगायाहैऔरइसेSaregamaHumBhojpuriनेअपनेयूट्यूबचैनलपर4अगस्त2022यानीआजसुबहहीरिलीजकियाहैवीडियोकोखबरबनानेतक1लाख30हजारसेज्यादालोगदेखचुकेहैंइसगानेकेकुछसीनमेंनीलकमलसिंहगांजाफूंकतेभीदिखतेहैंइससेपहलेउनकाबीतेदिनही‘सुघरचाहीकनियाएबाबा’(SugharChahiKaniya)रिलीजहुआहैजिसमेंवेएक्ट्रेससृष्टिउत्तराखंडीकेसाथदिखेथेउनका‘MathPaMahadev’भीछायाहुआहैजिसमेंभूतपिशाचवालीबारातकेसाथअतरंगीअवतारमेंमहाकालकीतरहस्थापितमूर्तिकेपासनाचते-गातेदिखरहेहैंइससावनसॉन्गकोभीसारेगामाभोजपुरीहम(SaregamaHumBhojpuri)नेअपनेआधिकारिकयूट्यूबचैनलपररिलीजकियाहै

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FIRST PUBLISHED : August 04, 2022, 12:26 IST

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