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Bhojpuri Actress: Akshara was seen sitting on the banks of the river, said- ‘What am I thinking’, so the users took the name of Khesari-Pawan


Aug 25, 2022
Bhojpuri Actress: Akshara was seen sitting on the banks of the river, said- 'What am I thinking', so the users took the name of Khesari-Pawan

Desi girl Akshara Singh of Bhojpuri cinema has shown her acting skills from TV to films. Be it the music industry or the film, today Akshara is not interested in identity anywhere. Due to her tremendous fan following, if any video or post comes on social media, then she does wonders. In such a situation, now the actress has shared a picture of her (Akshara Singh Photos), in which it is being seen that she is seen posing on the banks of the river. In this, people are very fond of his simplicity. The post of the actress is going viral.

Actress Akshara Singh (Bhojpuri Actress Akshara Singh Photo), who ruled the pinnacle of success on the strength of her acting and singing, is seen in a pink dress. In this, his simplicity is winning the hearts of the fans. It can be seen in the photo that the actress is sitting on the bank of the river leaning on a person and posing with her eyes closed. Along with sharing the picture, he wrote, ‘What am I thinking… tell me??? By the way, who likes to sit on the post on the bank of the river??? The feel is different. Seeing her caption, people are commenting fiercely and one wrote, ‘You are thinking that as I am living, koi ji ke to tell’. Another wrote, ‘That’s why no other movie flops now because of me’. The third wrote, ‘I don’t know how my life will be’. The fourth wrote, ‘You are thinking about Khesari Lal’. At the same time, another user wrote, ‘Thinking about Pawan Singh’. Similarly, people are commenting on the picture of the actress. His post has got more than 18 thousand likes.

If we talk about Akshara Singh’s look in the photo that surfaced, then Akshara Singh is seen in a pink dress. Small earrings in the ears are adding to her beauty. Along with sharing the photo, she has also given herself the tag of Desi Girl.

Akshara Singh started her career in Bhojpuri with Ravi Kishan’s film and since then till date she has ruled the pinnacle of success. If we talk about the work front of the actress, then she will soon be seen in ‘Darling’ with Bollywood actor Rahul Sharma. Earlier, her song ‘Nathuniya’ was recently released, in which she was seen with Karan Khanna. In this, he showed the temper of tremendous romance and sizzling moves.

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