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Before the release of ‘Brahmastra’, Ranbir Kapoor faces problems


Sep 1, 2022
Before the release of 'Brahmastra', Ranbir Kapoor faces problems

social media In this era, anything related to celebs quickly makes headlines. If any celebs have ever said any controversial thing, then they remain in people’s mind for a long time. Something similar is happening with Ranbir Kapoor, whose old videos have become a bone of his throat.

Actually, Ranbir Kapoor’s film ‘Brahmastra’ is being released on September 9, but along with him, discussions about the boycott of his films are happening more on social media, due to which his old controversial videos are believed to be.

Ranbir Kapoor had high hopes from ‘Shamshera’. He appeared on the big screen after about four years, but the film was a flop. Now his eyes are set on ‘Brahmastra’, in which he will be seen with his wife Alia Bhatt for the first time. Ahead of the release of ‘Brahmastra’, dark clouds have started hovering over the film. People are talking about boycotting this film.

People were annoyed by Ranbir’s comment on Alia Bhatt’s pregnancy
‘Brahmastra’ will decide the direction of Ranbir Kapoor’s film career, but he is getting stuck before the release of the film, as his old videos are creating hatred towards him. In the past, when Ranbir was promoting ‘Brahmastra’ with Alia, his comment on Alia’s pregnancy made people angry.

Ranbir’s videos with ex girlfriend made headlines
Old videos of the actor have also surfaced, in which he is saying embarrassing things to stars like Vaani Kapoor and Anushka Sharma. Her old videos with Katrina Kaif are also attracting people’s attention. It would not be wrong to say that due to these videos, Ranbir’s image has been spoiled among the people.

Ranbir Kapoor’s old videos spoiled the image
People’s displeasure towards Ranbir increased when a video of him surfaced, in which he is discussing eating beef. Due to this people are very angry and are appealing to boycott ‘Brahmastra’. There is also a discussion of his video with Deepika Padukone, in which he is referring to bikini and ‘Jagannath’. People are considering it as an insult to Lord Jagannath.

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