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Asim Riaz returns with ‘Pehli Baarish Mein’, this time with Nisha Gurgain


Sep 10, 2022
Asim Riaz returns with 'Pehli Baarish Mein', this time with Nisha Gurgain

Mumbai: The fragrance of the first rain of the onset of monsoon has always depicted love and romance, which was featured in the music video of Atma Music’s “Pehli Baarish Main” featuring Nisha Gurgain and Asim Riaz. Beautifully described in the lyrics. Apart from its beautiful words, it has tremendous scenery of hills and greenery which signifies the first rain of the season. The pairing of Nisha Gurgain and Asim Riaz is looking tremendous in this music video.

Wasim Qureshi praised Nisha and Asim saying, “Although Nisha is the superstar ruling the social media platform and Asim Riaz has become the heartbeat of millions, yet these people are very professional in their work. This lovely couple represents true love, its purity and its soul.” The music video “Pehli Baarish Mein” depicts the longing of a girl who is in love and eagerly waiting for a glimpse of her lover.

In Pehle Baarish, which actually means the romance of the first rain of the season which displays the atmosphere of love and romance among the youth. Especially this is the first rain of the season that most of us must have felt the earthy fragrance in the first rain and its fragrance brings a positive feeling among the youth as well as people of all ages. Almost everyone has experienced the first rain of the most romantic season of the year.

In keeping with its mission of fostering new talent, Atma Music which is a part of Qureshi Productions Pvt Ltd, Mumbai is the fastest growing music label. Its new romantic music video ‘Pehli Baarish Mein’ captures the magic of Pehli Baarish and the love and romance that comes with it. The teaser shows the romance between Asim Riaz and Nisha Gurgain in the backdrop of a beautiful hill station and greenery. Composed by Kashi Kashyap and composed by Bhanu Pandit and Mukesh Mishra, the music of this song is given by Bhanu Pandit.

In the song shot amidst the hills, the girl longs for a romantic meeting with her beloved and so does the boy who longs to see the most special girl in his life. “Pehli Baarish Mein” is a presentation of Atma Music, and produced by Wasim Qureshi and Gitesh Chandrakar, the song is beautifully sung by Sumit Bhalla and Anita Bhatt. Directed by Nadeem Akhtar.

Its co-producers are Ayub Qureshi, Akhtar Khan, Sachin Beldar, Vikas Tiwari, Dr. Anil Upadhyay, Ravi Priyanshu, Azaan Qureshi, Muhafiz Qureshi. The company’s COO Karan Ramani is also very excited about this song. He says that Pehli Baarish has a lovely song that connects everyone’s hearts, which celebrates romance.

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