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Amrita Rao had prayed to Lord Ganesha for son Veer, reached the temple on completion – see VIDEO


Aug 31, 2022
Amrita Rao had prayed to Lord Ganesha for son Veer, reached the temple on completion - see VIDEO

amrita rao (Amrita Rao) may have distanced herself from films after marriage, but she still interacts with her fans. She shares many precious things related to her life through YouTube channel. The actress and her husband RJ Anmol had told in the past that Amrita had a lot of trouble in becoming a mother. In the desire to become a mother, she had also sought a vow by visiting a temple of Lord Ganesha.

Amrita and her husband RJ Anmol have now told in a new video that they had gone to a temple of Lord Ganesha in the year 2018, where they had sought a vow to have a child. Now they again went to the same temple of Lord Ganesha. Let us inform that Amrita became a mother in the year 2020. They have named their son Veer.

Amrita Rao had a lot of difficulties in becoming a mother
Amrita has shared a new video on her YouTube channel ‘Couple of Things’, in which she and her husband are telling what kind of difficulties they had to face in becoming a mother. The title of the video is- ‘Mannat hui puri for Veer’.

The birth of a son took place after the darshan of Lord Ganesha.
In the video, RJ Anmol is referring to a previous vlog in which he spoke about the difficulties of conceiving a child. They were not successful after many attempts. Then, someone asked them to visit a temple of Lord Ganesha in Karjat, which is believed to fulfill any couple who make a vow to become parents by visiting there.

A village in Maharashtra reached to see Lord Ganesha
RJ Anmol further said, ‘We went there in the year 2018. Our wishes have been fulfilled, so where we had prayed for Veer, now they go to the temple of Bal Ganesh. The couple told that this temple is present in a village in Karjat taluka located in Maharashtra, whose name is Kadav village. The couple reached the temple and worshiped Lord Ganesha.

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