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Akshara Singh’s ‘mother-in-law’ twisted her hand in Chhath song, you will 100% cry after watching VIDEO; The song got bumper VIEWS


Oct 31, 2022
Akshara Singh's 'mother-in-law' twisted her hand in Chhath song, you will 100% cry after watching VIDEO; The song got bumper VIEWS

You will 100% cry after watching this painful video of Akshara Singh. Rowley Banjhinis | Bhojpuri Chhath Geet: Akshara Singh, the beautiful actress of Bhojpuri cinema, is known for her excellent singing and performance. Along with films and videos, she is also very active on social media. Keeps sharing photos and videos related to herself. Since Aad is Chhath festival, her song is being liked a lot on YouTube, in which she has become a sweetheart but is looking very sad due to the empty lap. Actually, here we are talking about Akshara Singh’s Chhath song ‘Rovelle Banjhiniya’.

In October 2019’s ‘Rovele Banjhiniya’, Akshara brings soup to observe the fast of Chhathi Maiya of Saj Dhaj, but her mother-in-law’s anger erupts on seeing them. She refuses to take him along to the puja ghat and says what will you do infertile. After this, the mother-in-law of the actress calls the son that she will throw out the infertile daughter-in-law and twists Akshara’s hand. The daughter-in-law, who is harassed by her husband and daughter-in-law, is very sad and is seen crying. The video depicts the grief of a daughter-in-law, who was harassed by her in-laws with a deserted lap, who would neither get the love of her husband nor would anyone give respect in the house.

The song Dard Bhare sung by Akshara Singh has got more than 15 crore views and the actress’s acting as well as her voice has been highly appreciated in it. Rowley Banjhiniya is a beautiful Chhath song with lyrics penned by Manoj Matali and music composed by Ghungroo ji. This song is going to make everyone emotional, after seeing which tears are bound to come in the eyes.

Akshara’s last year’s Bhojpuri Chhath song ‘Bada Bhaag Pavle Bade’ is also very touching. In this, the actress is seen in the role of a soup maker, who goes to a house selling soup. After this, the owner of their house comes and abuses them badly. She gets very hurt by this and leaves from there crying. Both the actresses are seen crying in Chhath songs.

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