After Khesari, Gunjan Singh got Jabra fan, tattoo of the actor tattooed on his chest, could not stop tears as soon as he got it

Bhojpuri superstar Gunjan Singh rules crores of hearts through his best songs and films. The songs sung by him get crores of views. He has many such music videos, which are included in the million club. As much as the songs of the actor are liked. Equally, people love him a lot. Eagerly waiting to get a glimpse of him. In such a situation, now a Jabra fan of Gunjan Singh has got to see, who has got the actor’s photo tattooed on his chest. Its videos and photos have also surfaced on social media.

Gunjan Singh has shared the video on his Instagram social platform. Along with sharing this, the actor has expressed his happiness in the caption. He wrote, ‘Ago our big fan Sonu Tiwari came from Jharkhand to meet Patna today, who has got a tattoo of my entire photo on his chest. I am very happy to see his love for me and I express my heartfelt gratitude to him. I also explained to him that getting a tattoo also causes infection. But, he said that brother, you live in my heart. Love you babu…’. Talking about the video shared on social media, it is getting to be seen that after meeting the actor, he starts crying after holding him and Gunjan gives him everything to eat and drink. This moment is very emotional. Gunjan does not tire of praising her. He also listens to his troubles and also assures to solve his problems.

It is worth noting that these days, in the holy month of Sawan, amidst the rain of rain, Shiva has brought more than one great song for the devotees and Kanwariya, which has been well-liked. In between, Gunjan Singh also brings social songs to bring awareness in the society. Meanwhile, Singer’s social song ‘Kalyug Ke Shravan Kumar’ has been released from Wave Music Company, which has been well-liked. This song of his is dedicated to his parents on the occasion of Sawan. The song is sung by the actor and filmed on actor Mahima Singh along with its lyrics by Aman Albela. Music director is Arya Sharma. The video is directed by Aryan Dev. The video has been viewed more than one lakh times, it is a very emotional song.

Khesari’s ‘Tattoo Girl’ went viral
You may remember that earlier the video of Khesari Lal Yadav’s tattoo girl Soumya Pokhrel went viral, in which she made a tattoo of her favorite star on her hand. After this a video of actor and singer Neelkamal Singh went viral, in which his Jabra fan was seen. He also had a photo made on his chest.

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