A 3rd World War Will Involve Nuclear Weapons

According to the Russian news agency RIA, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Wednesday that a third World War would entail nuclear weapons and be disastrous.

Russia, which launched a “special military operation” against Ukraine last week, would face a “serious risk” if Kyiv obtained nuclear weapons, according to Lavrov.

As battle continued across the country and Western nations tightened an economic noose around Russia a week after launching its invasion of Ukraine, Russia declared its soldiers captured control of the first significant city on Wednesday, taking Kherson in the south.

A 3rd World War Will Involve Nuclear Weapons

Since Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a full-scale invasion of his southern neighbour about a week ago, more than half a million Ukrainians have fled the violence.

Russian airstrikes on Ukrainian cities have continued, with video from the second city of Kharkiv showing seriously damaged buildings.While he may gain on the battlefield, he will continue to pay a hefty price in the long run,” warned US President Joe Biden at his State of the Union address.

“He has no idea what’s coming,” Biden added, departing from the scripted text. He didn’t go into detail.

Ukrainian forces have met the invaders’ advances with ferocious opposition, and a miles-long Russian military convoy north of Kyiv has made little headway towards the capital.

A 3rd World War Will Involve Nuclear Weapons

Zelenskiy stated in a video message on Wednesday that approximately 6,000 Russians were murdered in the first six days of Moscow’s invasion, and that the Kremlin would not be able to capture his country with bombs and air raids.

Biden tightened the screws on Moscow even more, joining the European Union and Canada in prohibiting Russian planes from entering US airspace.

He also stated that the Justice Department would seek to confiscate wealthy Russians with ties to Putin’s boats, luxury apartments, and private jets.

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