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30 Years of Balwaan: Suniel Shetty completes 30 years in Bollywood, Anna was scared to debut with Divya Bharti


Sep 11, 2022
30 Years of Balwaan: Suniel Shetty completes 30 years in Bollywood, Anna was scared to debut with Divya Bharti

30 Years of Balwaan: Most of the people remember the first job of their life. When it comes to films, then this matter becomes special. Everyone is afraid to do something for the first time and it is also natural. 30 years ago, when Sunil Shetty worked in the first film ‘Balwaan’, there was a fear in his mind too. However, Sunil should be lucky in this matter that his debut film was a hit and he was discussed. Not only this, Sunil also got a chance to romance a beautiful actress like Divya Bharti on screen for the first time. ‘Balwan’ was released on 11 September 1992. Regrettably, Divya is no longer with us but Sunil along with all the fans will never be able to forget her. On the completion of 30 years of the film, let us tell you some interesting stories related to the film.

Sunil Shetty set such a fire on the screen with his tremendous action in the very first film that the 1992 film ‘Balwan’ became a superhit. With the completion of 30 years of this film, 30 years have also been completed of the film journey of the famous actor known as Anna. Sunil is considered a rough actor. Sunil also got the film ‘Balwan’ because of his stature.

Suniel Shetty’s fate changed from the picture
A picture of Suniel Shetty changed his fate. Filmmaker Raju Mavani also made the film ‘Balwan’ for the first time. It is said that one day Raju narrated the action-packed story of the film to Sunil and said that let’s make a film on this story. Since it was an action film, Raju and film director Deepak Anand liked a photoshoot of Sunil and cast Sunil in the film. By sharing this photo, Sunil expressed his gratitude to the photographer and informed about it on Instagram.

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Sunil can’t forget Divya Bharti
Divya Bharti also stepped into the film world with this film along with Sunil Shetty. While the first film made Sunil an action star, Divya’s charming beauty and smile made her popular overnight. In the last 30 years, Sunil worked with many actresses in the film industry but never forgets Divya. Sunil had told in an interview that ‘an actress like him has never been seen nor is going to be seen. She used to be very childish on the sets of the film, but as soon as the director spoke action, her appearance changed. Seeing her in front of the camera, it was difficult to believe that she was the same fun-loving Divya. I can never forget them’.

Sunil was scared while doing stunts in ‘Balwaan’
Ravi Dewan, the action director of ‘Balwan’, got Sunil landing in a tremendous way, which is still liked by the audience. Sunil once told that ‘I remember doing a stunt scene with fire in my first film. I can never forget that day. I was riding a bike by the side of a swimming pool and the only thing running through my mind was what would happen if something went wrong, the first film was Darr Lagata. However, everything was so wonderful that the fear was gone from inside me. I did stunts without fear in my next film.

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Suniel Shetty has done amazing films in 30 years
Suniel Shetty has given many films to Bollywood in the last 30 years. Sunil is a brilliant actor as well as a successful businessman. Currently focusing on his business, but still takes special care of his fitness. While Sunil made his first film full of action, he tickled the audience a lot by doing amazing comedy in the film ‘Hera Pheri’. Playing the role of a soldier posted on the border in the film ‘Border’ made the audience cry a lot and also made them feel proud. Overall, it can be said that Sunil has realized in the last 30 years that he is a versatile actor.

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