21-year-old Sabia Saifi Delhi Civil Defence (DCD) Employee Raped & Murdered Brutally In Sangam Vihar, Delhi.

The family has alleged that the victim, Sabia Saifi (changed name) was abducted from her workplace on the evening of 26th & taken to Faridabad, where she was raped &stabbed to death. the woman’s body was found with stabs on her mouth, her body was mutilated & breast cut off.

21-year-old Sabia Saifi Delhi Civil Defence (DCD) Employee Raped & Murdered Brutally In Sangam Vihar, Delhi.

A21-year-old Delhi Civil Defence (DCD) employee was abducted, raped, and brutally murdered on 26th August in Sangam Vihar, Delhi.

The victim’s body was found by Faridabad police, who handed it over to the family after its postmortem. The medical report is yet to come out.

The family has accused two of the victim’s colleagues to be involved in the heinous crime, who they allege are on the run and untraceable.

The family alleged that they approached Sangam Vihar police station to file the complaint against the duo, but the police refused to accept and register their complaint.

The family has been protesting outside their house over the week in Sangam Vihar demanding a CBI probe and fair investigation.

Monish, the victim’s cousin explaining his family’s ordeal to The Cognate said, “She had joined work only four months ago. As usual, she went to the office on the 26th but did not return home. She called us at around 8 pm, which we missed. Her number was switched off when we tried to call her back. We got worried and tried to reach the office, but to no avail, they didn’t let us in.”

“The guard at the office refused to show the visitor’s register saying he is not allowed to reveal the personal documents of the office to anyone.”

Monish says the family called Sabia’s colleague at 10 pm, who said that she had gone to the police station for an investigation of her boss’s case. “She assured us that she is fine, and will be back in some time,” he said.

Monish said, “after she assured us of her safety, we were hoping that she will return by some time, but the worst was coming.” He said the next morning, two policemen came to their house asking them to identify and take Sabia’s dead body.

The family said that they are protesting for the past seven days, but the authorities have not reached out to them to hear their plea. The family is now demanding a CBI probe into the case.

Source: @thecognate

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